Self Titled

by Honeycomb Heart

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I created this when winter was at it's strongest, and throughout the writing process, the snow was thawing. It's a reflection of changing seasons: feelings coming and going.

This collection of songs is more like a scrapbook, a messy collection of thoughts and emotions- all of it is still very raw and rough. They, much like myself, have a lot of room to grow.


released March 2, 2017

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who I feel so much for, and thank you to all the people listening to my vulnerability in the form of song ♡♡♡

Album art was done by the incredible Ronnie, check out more of her work at https://www.facebook(dot)com/witchmoss/

Any additional purrs, soft meows or growls that can be faintly heard were made by Prunella.



all rights reserved


Honeycomb Heart Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

queer freak residing in appalachia//songs of self-loathing, love, growth, etc.

despair turns into hope, hope turns into despair, and so on.

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Track Name: Rainwater
it was an old leaky window pane
dripping w/ water

rainwater overflows
rainwater overflows

shattered and cracked were the shutters
shattered and cracked was the house
ivy tugged at its sides
wild grass pulled it down

rainwater overflows
rainwater overflows
rainwater overflows

all the rivers froze
all the rivers froze

the house is silent now
save for the mice
the rainwater freezes
and turns to ice

rainwater overflows
rainwater overflows
rainwater overflows
Track Name: Riverwater
moss clung to yr hair
shivering from the northern wind
a heart full of pebbles
i waded in yr belly
you were found deep under
tangled in weeds + dead branches
milkweed along yr banks
where i scattered ashes
our love hung by a silver thread
unaware of the stinging nettles
that dragged along behind

i can't fall asleep
but i keep waking up

some things don't heal right
others just don't heal at all
yr rivers were dry
and they have been since the fall

i can't fall asleep
but i keep waking up
if only i could pay
sleeps toll in blood
Track Name: Blood Moon
take flight underneath a blood moon
make sure you have left it all behind
where are you hiding now
ice creaks right beneath yr feet
wings made of lace worked so well
until you got too close to the stars
quilts made with my mother's tears
couldn't keep me warm through those Pennsylvania nights
when theres nothing left to burn
we will set this house on fire

the kitchen window broke today
all yr things got soaked in the rain
left the stove on and the kettle screamed
old floorboards squeal and they squeak
Track Name: Saltwater
you sailed the mightiest sea
on a boat made of steel
lost a leg
but that didn't stop you
lost yr head
but that didn't stop you

where are you now,
on the coast of san francisco?
or lost in a forest
of this great big world?
or resting in the grove
of this great big world?

our past brings pain
like a thorn on my tongue

yr long gone now
yr long gone now
Track Name: Musca Borealis
i know what you want now
but i don't know what you need
oh, body, why are you silent?
please answer me

last night i dreamt that i could leave the skin i was born in. i moved like a snail in search of a new home, slowly but surely. these thick veins are full of blood that does not belong to me- i am unsure as to which creek or body of water it comes from, but it must be returned. i am tired of carving out weak fences from my wooden heart. the doors are open now and all the rivers are flowing.

i tried to build a house
from my wooden heart
but i left the stove on
and watched it burn to the ground

the house is crumbling around us. dead leaves, like travelers on our shoes, follow us inside as we enter the door. we leave those trails. the wind outside is blowing full force, something is stirring in. i am wary of this, not sure what to be prepared for. it is shaking the naked trees outside, shivering cold and damp. the gusts of wind awake this slumbering house, wheezing w/ life. too much dust, mold and cigarette smoke.